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I love FaceTime…

I was recently traveling to California on business and had a chance to use Apple’s “Facetime” application for the iPhone 4…. It’s fantastic! The calls work seamlessly as long as you have a good wifi connection. In the example pictures below I’m on a very low bandwidth free hotel wifi connection but can still video chat with my wife and son much more easily than if I were on skype with both of us on our computers. It’s amazing how much of a grin this put on my face (as you can see from my flattering pictures below) as well as my son’s face. That’s Kal… he’s about 4 months old and really enjoyed seeing my on his mom’s computer screen. As you can see from the pictures he was all smiles and happiness to be seeing me when I wasn’t there. I’ll be taking a trip to the UK in the next few months and I’m hoping I can use this from there as seamlessly w/out having to pay for the international call as well…. will let you know what I figure out there!

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