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Home Warranty Fail!

Unfortunate series of events:

  1. July 16th: Arrive back from Michigan to realize the condensation drain on our AC was blocked causing a leak into the overflow drain. Called home warranty to have fixed, only to find out we were not on automatic renewal and they dropped us 2 months earlier. Also were informed that they have put us on a list and cannot have HVAC covered again until an HVAC company comes out and certifies the system as good.
  2. July 17th: With help from my awesome brother Bryan I fix the issue myself… “thank goodness I just saved like $200 bucks!”
  3. August 4th: Pick and sign up with new home warranty company.
  4. August 11th: AC goes out – “thank goodness we have a home warranty company” – while looking for the phone number to call on the paper work that arrived this week notice that the policy doesn’t go into effect until 9/4 – one month after signing up. “oh man!”
  5. Current status: HVAC tech is on the way to the house…. can’t wait to see what this will cost.