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Being Sick Isn't Fun…

Penicillin.jpgSo, I’ve been pretty much out of commission for the last week. I woke up early on Monday morning raring to go and hit the ground running.
I had a busy week ahead of me with lots to do:annual performance reports to be written, a friend leaving our team and Arizona all together to say goodbye to, Sand Volleyball games, basketball practice, family reunion dinners, 4 wheeling, and finally the week was to end with a 3X3 basketball tournament. NONE of that happened. When I woke up I knew immediately that something was wrong. My eye was hard to open and see out of. Sure enough after a quick check in the mirror I knew I had pink eye. I was waiting patiently at the CVS Minute clinic with in a few hours of waking. I got my prescription and headed home confident that I’d do some work and be back in the office in 24 hours…. boy was I wrong. On Monday my eye just kept getting worse and worse. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the computer because my eye was tearing so badly. I did do a few conference calls but that was about all I could muster. On Tuesday I set up an appointment first thing in the morning with an eye doctor because my entire eye had swollen up and turned a much darker red. As it turns out the eye doctor confirmed that I had the viral form of conjunctivitis… a much more rare form but much longer lasting and more contagious. Unfortunately the antibiotic eye drops don’t do anything for this form of pink eye and I just had to “let it run its course”. Early Wednesday morning I awoke in the middle of the night with a bad fever and chills and hardly got any sleep. I also started getting a really bad sore throat. By late Wednesday morning I was taking 600 mg of Advil every 6 hours just for the pain with my throat. Fast forward a day and though I was sleeping constantly and alternating Tylenol & Advil I was so sore all over and the fevers were still causing me a bunch of issues. Fearing that I might have strep throat I headed back to the Minute clinic this morning and through a simple swab on the back of my throat they confirmed that I indeed have strep throat. The attending nurse practitioner said that I was the most contagious person that she had seen in a very long time. Oh… and I had an ear infection.

My Personal Health Tech

So, a huge area of focus for me this year is on health, fitness, and overall wellness. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in e-mail telling people what tools I’ve been using as well as which books I’ve been reading. So I thought it a perfect opportunity to document the health tech tools, websites, and books I’ve been using.

  1. I bought a Withing Scale from Amazon which lets me track my weight automatically on my computer (sends wirelessly) and through my phone so I can see trending and keep me honest on my diet and exercise!
    I purchased a pro membership with DailyBurn.com –> my withing scale also feeds my profile here and lets me track calories and workouts online and on my phone (while I’m in the gym recording sets and distance walked / run etc…)
  2. I purchased a “FitBit” that lets me track my daily activity and sleep patterns. Sadly my Fitbit has yet to arrive (ordered in December but they are way way backordered because they are so popular).
  3. I purchased and read TRANSCEND a book co-authored by Ray Kurzwell which is just crazy awesome (in the true meaning of the word) with some of the things it makes you think about and I would highly, highly recommend as a read… if nothing else, for the intellectual stimulation and some great conversation material. Just google Ray Kurzwell and you’ll see what I mean!
  4. I’m currently reading “Strength for Life” which so far seems great and is really motivating me!
  5. I’ve gotten a bit into the power of the spoken word and the law of attraction which some people will poo poo (forgive me if you do as well) but I can’t help but feel good when I think about some of the concepts and ideas there. What started me on that kick was a couple of different books / videos that I’ve watched… one that describes all the craziness and quantum physics behind some of that phenomenon called “what the bleep do we know” and another that a friend recommended called “the secret“.