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Testing a new tool called “WordBooker”

Please forgive me if you’re seeing a bunch of posts come through from me tonight on Facebook.

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I’m trying out a new tool called “WordBooker” that lets me post to my blog and then have that automatically create an entry on my Facebook wall.  Why am I doing that you ask??? Well because over the last year since Leann and I have been using Facebook more and more we’ve been neglecting to use or cross post to our SuperCork blog… which stinks.  It stinks because we used to do this all the time and at the end of the year we were able to use a service called blog-to-book and take all of those posts and pictures and have a physical book printed.  Since we moved most of our sharing of content (pictures & stories) over to facebook we no longer have that data in a format that is easily converted over to be printed in these books.

Some of the problems I’ve been having:

  • Posts written in an offline editor are missing the exerpt (the first 250 charicters).
  • Posts written in an offline editor are missing the thumbnail picture of the posts.
  • Edits are reposting to Facebook wall as a new entry (this is only supposed to happen if the edit occurs 10 days after the original post).

Some cool things this plugin does:

  • Pulls comments from facebook into my blog.
  • Posts comments from my blog into the comments thread on Facebook.