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Go SunDevils – MSIM Alumni Posting

This week I’ll be headed back to Arizona State University to speak to ASU’s Masters of Science in Information Management (MSIM) Class of 2011. The topic I was asked to discuss was my experience in the program, my keys to success in the program, and life after graduation. As one of two speakers at the event I’ve been asked to represent someone that’s been out of the program for a while (I was in the charter class and graduated in 2006). I’m always excited to head back to the University and speak with students and faculty! It just seems that there is a whole different energy on campus and I feel energized after being their and speaking with so many bright energetic people!

I thought I’d capture my thoughts that I’ll be sharing with the students here in this blog post in case any of them want to come back to as well as a way for me keep track on what I’m up to when I look back at the end of the year. So in no particular order here’s my thoughts on what it takes to be successful & thriving as students go through the program.

  1. Find teammates with similar goals early.- What days can you not meet? – What are you all seeking – Looking to be top in class or satisfied with a passing grade?- Where do you all live in the valley, where will you meet? – Are you all comfortable with technology?
  2. While working in teams be open & direct. Communication is key!
  3. Participate and ask real questions… not just ones to earn points.
  4. Come Prepared.
  5. Help Others
  6. Be humble.
  7. Get some exercise… seriously a Friday night at the gym or a nice long walk will go a long ways towards relieving stress.
  8. Establish a plan with your boss.
  9. Build your network & get to know your classmates personally & professionally.
  10. Leverage Technology (More Details Coming)- Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Skype, Google Wave, Google Sites (wiki), MindMeister, Google Docs, DimDim, DropBox etc…

On Leveraging Technology
I’ll be writing a follow up blog here very shortly detailing out exactly how I used the above referenced technology or how I wish I had that technology 5 years ago when I went through the program. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed here if you are interested in seeing that article when I post it this weekend. Also, please feel free to leave me any comments on your thoughts, questions, or input on the above!