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A crazy thing happened today…

Last night I wrote a post on iUpgrade.me (A site I created to track my personal transformation from fat to fit) about my first impressions of a book I’ve been raving about called “The 4 Hour Body“. I received an advanced copy of the book in the mail about a week ago, and my results over the last week have been amazing (see my post on it)!

The book got me super motivated and I was fired up about telling the world and anyone that was thinking about getting the book. I posted a chart of my results and sent a thank you note to the author over twitter. I also wrote a review on Amazon.com and pointed at my chart on the website. The Author of the book ended up sending to all 200,000 of his twitter followers a note pointing them to my transformation blog: iUpgrade.me. Pretty cool, and needless to say the hits on that website went through the roof today!