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Good lord! How have I survived without this gadget?



So I just unpacked my new portable scanner and I think I’m in love! I’m bought a Canon p-150m for going paperless and scanning all my docs directly into evernote. It is soooo fast and works flawlessly for me! The scanner auto detects page orientation, single or double sided (it scans both sides at once by the way), and skips any blank pages! It also scans up to 20 pages per minute!!!!

I’ll update this post as I get to use it more but so far based on the 30 minutes I’ve spent with the thing I would totally recommend!!

Things I like: Augmented Reality

The folks at Fraunhofer IPMS have done it! After years of tireless research and promises of Borg-like eyewear, the group has delivered a prototype of the world’s first bidirectional, eye-tracking OLED microdisplay (got all that?) at SID 2011. The rig is much like a monocle, except with a transparent OLED display inside, which overlays digital information on top of the reflected light that usually hits your eyeballs.


This technology is so cool and I’ve been fired up about it since reading a book called “Rainbows End” by Vernor Vinge. I would highly recommend that book if you are looking for some reading that will open up your eyes to the possibilities that the future holds with this (and other) technology…. much of which has already had research and development work done on it since the book was written!