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My fitbit is here!

Well folks,
after waiting a VERY long time (I ordered it mid December) my fitbit finally arrived in the mail yesterday! I’ve only been using it since about 11pm last night… which means I was able to track my sleep last night using the device and it appears to have worked pretty well…

I’ll be doing a more in depth review here in about a week… stay tuned!

My Personal Health Tech

So, a huge area of focus for me this year is on health, fitness, and overall wellness. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in e-mail telling people what tools I’ve been using as well as which books I’ve been reading. So I thought it a perfect opportunity to document the health tech tools, websites, and books I’ve been using.

  1. I bought a Withing Scale from Amazon which lets me track my weight automatically on my computer (sends wirelessly) and through my phone so I can see trending and keep me honest on my diet and exercise!
    I purchased a pro membership with –> my withing scale also feeds my profile here and lets me track calories and workouts online and on my phone (while I’m in the gym recording sets and distance walked / run etc…)
  2. I purchased a “FitBit” that lets me track my daily activity and sleep patterns. Sadly my Fitbit has yet to arrive (ordered in December but they are way way backordered because they are so popular).
  3. I purchased and read TRANSCEND a book co-authored by Ray Kurzwell which is just crazy awesome (in the true meaning of the word) with some of the things it makes you think about and I would highly, highly recommend as a read… if nothing else, for the intellectual stimulation and some great conversation material. Just google Ray Kurzwell and you’ll see what I mean!
  4. I’m currently reading “Strength for Life” which so far seems great and is really motivating me!
  5. I’ve gotten a bit into the power of the spoken word and the law of attraction which some people will poo poo (forgive me if you do as well) but I can’t help but feel good when I think about some of the concepts and ideas there. What started me on that kick was a couple of different books / videos that I’ve watched… one that describes all the craziness and quantum physics behind some of that phenomenon called “what the bleep do we know” and another that a friend recommended called “the secret“.

A great Apple Store Experience [Customer Service Love]

In line with my goal of having a more positive outlook and expressing that positive outlook in 2010 I thought I would write a quick post about a very positive experience I had at the apple store yesterday.

A few weeks ago I noticed that my power adapter for my MacBook Pro had bare metal exposed where the cable connects to the power adapter. It looked like after normally use the cable just split. I walked down the street and into the Apple store and asked them if I could replace it I told them I had bought it about a year ago. I didn’t bring it up to the Genius Bar I just walked up to the first person in Apple uniform that I saw. This person was very responsive, and asked if I had all the parts. After handing over the power supply, the cable, and the outlet adapter he went back to the Genius Bar showed it to them and then brought it back to me letting me know that they would swap it out for me today. He said that normally I would have to book an appointment with the Genius Bar and have them swap it out under warranty but since I was already there and it would only take 2 seconds he would swap it out for me.

I thought it was fantastic that they didn’t give me a big hassle when they very well could have. They also didn’t look at me as if I was trying to pull a fast one or anything like that. So hats off to you Apple store employee for making my experience easy and on and keeping me a happy customer!