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This is my catch all category. is back baby! [solving redirect loop issues]

Okay, so I just spent a crap-ton of time (that’s a technical term by the way) pulling my hair out, calling GoDaddy about DNS hosting issues, and fruitless other troubleshooting methods to solve a WordPress multisite domain mapping issue I was having.  These troubleshooting steps ultimately led me to drop my sites and start over from scratch (twice!… and almost a third time)!!  There was a much more simple solve for the issue… read on and watch the YouTube video at the link for that fix. Continue reading

Thoughts from the night stand: Intel Agile Conference

Photo: Kiwi

Over the last 2 days I’ve had the good fortune of being surrounded by some really bright people at the Intel Agile conference.  While Oregon weather isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I’ve enjoyed my time here listing to all the interesting talk around the method by which we attempt to develop & deliver value to our internal and external customers.  It’s exciting to find a community of people that are interested in a topic that you are passionate about, and I believe I’ve found that here at the conference. Continue reading

Birthday Weekend

Saturday was Kal’s birthday and we celebrated here at the house. The poor guy got a fever at 8pm the night before and got hardly any sleep all night. He was not real happy the afternoon of his big 1st birthday. He was a trooper though and hung out with us outside for his big party. We put him down to eat his birthday cupcake that his mom made but he wasn’t terribly excited. So we filmed him having at it again the next night (tonight)… which was a bit more fun because he was feeling a lot better.

Here’s the fist take on signing happy birthday to kal:

Here’s a video of Kal getting whacked in the face by the elastic strap on his birthday hat.

My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

You can see the details in the embedded mind map below. I like the format that Kevin Rose has for his New Year’s Resolutions and decided to adopt that format here. These aren’t in any particular order. Enjoy!

  • Read More
  • Be in the best shape of my life by 2012
  • Make a mental shift towards self actualization
  • Value experiences over material things
  • Spend more quality time with my boys
  • Earn $5K / Month as side income by September


Cardinals Combine This Saturday!

CleatsTo this day I still have reoccurring nightmares about forgetting my equipment, jersey, or cleats as I arrive the locker room right before a big game.  Back then it was Dryden Cardinals football… this Saturday it will be Arizona Cardinals football! 

I’m lucky enough to work for a company that does great things for it’s people.  Intel is sponsoring 100 employees to go compete in a “combine” style event this Saturday at the University of Phoenix Stadium down on the floor where Larry Fitzgerald, Beanie Wells, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and the rest of the Arizona cardinals get it done on game day!

I’m psyched about competing out there on Saturday…. I’m so out of shape…. way better than where I was 6 months a go… but I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be a bit sore come Sunday morning.  The top couple folks out of the 100 of us will get some phenomenal tickets to a couple of future games. I’m for sure going to remember to bring these new cleats I just bought this Saturday. Wish me luck!

Weekend highlights

1. Ignite Phoenix: Wabi-Sabi “wear your old furniture!”
2. A lucky “Da da” while my 6month old crawls to me… Impressing other parents by accident!
3. Successfully executing on Ethan’s 3rd birthday party!
4. Family time with another birthday celebration thrown in on Sunday night!
5. Driving home after moving a ton of stuff from Gilbert to Buckeye… Good lord we moved a ton of stuff!

Home Warranty Fail!

Unfortunate series of events:

  1. July 16th: Arrive back from Michigan to realize the condensation drain on our AC was blocked causing a leak into the overflow drain. Called home warranty to have fixed, only to find out we were not on automatic renewal and they dropped us 2 months earlier. Also were informed that they have put us on a list and cannot have HVAC covered again until an HVAC company comes out and certifies the system as good.
  2. July 17th: With help from my awesome brother Bryan I fix the issue myself… “thank goodness I just saved like $200 bucks!”
  3. August 4th: Pick and sign up with new home warranty company.
  4. August 11th: AC goes out – “thank goodness we have a home warranty company” – while looking for the phone number to call on the paper work that arrived this week notice that the policy doesn’t go into effect until 9/4 – one month after signing up. “oh man!”
  5. Current status: HVAC tech is on the way to the house…. can’t wait to see what this will cost.

Go SunDevils – MSIM Alumni Posting

This week I’ll be headed back to Arizona State University to speak to ASU’s Masters of Science in Information Management (MSIM) Class of 2011. The topic I was asked to discuss was my experience in the program, my keys to success in the program, and life after graduation. As one of two speakers at the event I’ve been asked to represent someone that’s been out of the program for a while (I was in the charter class and graduated in 2006). I’m always excited to head back to the University and speak with students and faculty! It just seems that there is a whole different energy on campus and I feel energized after being their and speaking with so many bright energetic people!

I thought I’d capture my thoughts that I’ll be sharing with the students here in this blog post in case any of them want to come back to as well as a way for me keep track on what I’m up to when I look back at the end of the year. So in no particular order here’s my thoughts on what it takes to be successful & thriving as students go through the program.

  1. Find teammates with similar goals early.- What days can you not meet? – What are you all seeking – Looking to be top in class or satisfied with a passing grade?- Where do you all live in the valley, where will you meet? – Are you all comfortable with technology?
  2. While working in teams be open & direct. Communication is key!
  3. Participate and ask real questions… not just ones to earn points.
  4. Come Prepared.
  5. Help Others
  6. Be humble.
  7. Get some exercise… seriously a Friday night at the gym or a nice long walk will go a long ways towards relieving stress.
  8. Establish a plan with your boss.
  9. Build your network & get to know your classmates personally & professionally.
  10. Leverage Technology (More Details Coming)- Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Skype, Google Wave, Google Sites (wiki), MindMeister, Google Docs, DimDim, DropBox etc…

On Leveraging Technology
I’ll be writing a follow up blog here very shortly detailing out exactly how I used the above referenced technology or how I wish I had that technology 5 years ago when I went through the program. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed here if you are interested in seeing that article when I post it this weekend. Also, please feel free to leave me any comments on your thoughts, questions, or input on the above!

A random act of kindness!

My smile card
This is the card I received.

So, just about an hour ago I was struck by a random act of kindness. After dropping Jamie off at the airport Ethan and I headed off to Wendy’s to pick up some quick lunch before I put him down for his nap. We were in a bit of a hurry, because it was getting to be a little late for nap time, so we went through the drive through. As it turns out the drive-through line was quite long but eventually we made it up and placed our order. I was very surprised when it pulled up to the drive-through window and went to hand the attendant my credit card he refused it. Instead he handed me a card that said “Smile. You’ve just been tagged!” and told me that the person in front of me had just paid for my meal! What a fantastic thing to do for someone! It put a huge smile on my face and motivated me to write this post to let everyone know!

The front of the card also says “experiments in anonymous kindness is the name of the game, and now — you’re it.” What an experiment indeed! The anonymous person that paid for our meal did not ask for anything in return. Instead they simply handed me a card that directed me to a website and asked me to do the same for someone else. This website ( is a site that has ideas information and inspirations for you to do the same “anonymous act of kindness” for other folks. I really like it a lot. And I can’t wait the same for someone else!

The other thing that this got me thinking about was how the service could be improved. Since I’m a geek and I like things that involve data I think it would be awesome to put a unique serial number on each one of these cards and give the receiver of the card the ability to go to this website and place on a map where they received the card and jot down a quick note about how they receive the card. This would be cool because it would allow you to see on a map how the cards move from city to city and state to state as well as read all the great things a simple little card was able to do for lots of people.