Holy Crap, my website was just featured on Lifehacker.com!!!!

This picture shows  a screenshot of my Google Reader account when I saw this posting.

I’ve had a crazy week.  About a week ago I got sick and because of that I got behind at work… I got even more behind at work afterThis picture shows a screenshot of the lifehacker article pointing to my website attending training for the last three days.  Because of this I’ve been spending all my free time catching up on work stuff instead of doing fun or relaxing things… like catching up on Google Reader.  Finally tonight I had a chance to catch up on my reading a bit and as I was scrolling through my RSS Feed Reader I came across a picture that looked really familiar!  As it turns out the picture was of a template that I feature on my landlord website!  When I clicked on the article it opened up and sure enough Lifehacker featured an article on a topic I cover on the landlord site and a template I have posted out there for free for folks to use.  They pointed everyone to my site.  Here’s a view of the impact it had on my site:

This image shows a trend chart of Google Analytics Impact From 1 article on lifehacker pointing to landlord.ideaboxllc.com
In a single day I received the same number of hits I do in a month!


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