Using speech recognition software [MacSpeech is cool]

I’m writing this post from my computer using my voice. I haven’t done us a long, long time… but I’m trying to get back into doing posts more often, and I think this might help me.

I’ve had this software called MacSpeech Dictate installed on my computer for a couple years now, and I generally pull it out and use it about once every year. I think my issue is training, the software is very powerful but you have to know which commands to use and what to say to get the computer to type what you want it to. I’m sure that once you get to have it it’s much faster than typing. However, right now I’m finding it a bit slow probably slower than typing this on my own.

So that’s it for today, I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s going and come up with the tag on these posts of you know which ones I’ve written by hand versus using this dictation software.