Sand Volley – Week 1

photo by istolethetv

Lots of fun was had tonight at game one of the “spring fling” sand volley league @ Intel’s main campus.  The opposing team had only two folks when we started and we had six, so we leant them two of our folks and played a practice game.  Then they had one person show up and Trisha & Popsi were nice enough to continue playing for the other team rotating every serve.  It was a little strange playing agains some of our own teammates the first night but it was certainly fun poking fun at Popsi the columbian whirlwind while he played for the other team!

Team Popsicles, thanks for a fantastic evening!  Here’s to an awesome season ahead of us!!! You guys rock!

3 thoughts on “Sand Volley – Week 1”

  1. Josh! I had a blast playing tonight! Glad we started out the season with a “W”! I like the new additions you made to our team too, glad to finally have some height on our side of the court. Looking forward to next week! Btw, sweet vball blog. However, you forgot to mention my awesome serves in the final game;-)

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