Home Warranty Fail!

Unfortunate series of events:

  1. July 16th: Arrive back from Michigan to realize the condensation drain on our AC was blocked causing a leak into the overflow drain. Called home warranty to have fixed, only to find out we were not on automatic renewal and they dropped us 2 months earlier. Also were informed that they have put us on a list and cannot have HVAC covered again until an HVAC company comes out and certifies the system as good.
  2. July 17th: With help from my awesome brother Bryan I fix the issue myself… “thank goodness I just saved like $200 bucks!”
  3. August 4th: Pick and sign up with new home warranty company.
  4. August 11th: AC goes out – “thank goodness we have a home warranty company” – while looking for the phone number to call on the paper work that arrived this week notice that the policy doesn’t go into effect until 9/4 – one month after signing up. “oh man!”
  5. Current status: HVAC tech is on the way to the house…. can’t wait to see what this will cost.

2 thoughts on “Home Warranty Fail!”

  1. Its a dry heat though right? LOL!!! Its not like you’re here in Michigan with that kind of temps. Plus it gives you guys an excuse to go over to Grandpa’s Ranch… right?

    1. Ha! Thank goodness the service tech said we bit the bullet…. could have been much worse. $280 later we are back in business! I also singed up for a $180 maintenance plan…. should prevent this from happening again!

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