A random act of kindness!

My smile card
This is the card I received.

So, just about an hour ago I was struck by a random act of kindness. After dropping Jamie off at the airport Ethan and I headed off to Wendy’s to pick up some quick lunch before I put him down for his nap. We were in a bit of a hurry, because it was getting to be a little late for nap time, so we went through the drive through. As it turns out the drive-through line was quite long but eventually we made it up and placed our order. I was very surprised when it pulled up to the drive-through window and went to hand the attendant my credit card he refused it. Instead he handed me a card that said “Smile. You’ve just been tagged!” and told me that the person in front of me had just paid for my meal! What a fantastic thing to do for someone! It put a huge smile on my face and motivated me to write this post to let everyone know!

The front of the card also says “experiments in anonymous kindness is the name of the game, and now — you’re it.” What an experiment indeed! The anonymous person that paid for our meal did not ask for anything in return. Instead they simply handed me a card that directed me to a website and asked me to do the same for someone else. This website (www.helpothers.org) is a site that has ideas information and inspirations for you to do the same “anonymous act of kindness” for other folks. I really like it a lot. And I can’t wait the same for someone else!

The other thing that this got me thinking about was how the service could be improved. Since I’m a geek and I like things that involve data I think it would be awesome to put a unique serial number on each one of these cards and give the receiver of the card the ability to go to this website and place on a map where they received the card and jot down a quick note about how they receive the card. This would be cool because it would allow you to see on a map how the cards move from city to city and state to state as well as read all the great things a simple little card was able to do for lots of people.

A great Apple Store Experience [Customer Service Love]

In line with my goal of having a more positive outlook and expressing that positive outlook in 2010 I thought I would write a quick post about a very positive experience I had at the apple store yesterday.

A few weeks ago I noticed that my power adapter for my MacBook Pro had bare metal exposed where the cable connects to the power adapter. It looked like after normally use the cable just split. I walked down the street and into the Apple store and asked them if I could replace it I told them I had bought it about a year ago. I didn’t bring it up to the Genius Bar I just walked up to the first person in Apple uniform that I saw. This person was very responsive, and asked if I had all the parts. After handing over the power supply, the cable, and the outlet adapter he went back to the Genius Bar showed it to them and then brought it back to me letting me know that they would swap it out for me today. He said that normally I would have to book an appointment with the Genius Bar and have them swap it out under warranty but since I was already there and it would only take 2 seconds he would swap it out for me.

I thought it was fantastic that they didn’t give me a big hassle when they very well could have. They also didn’t look at me as if I was trying to pull a fast one or anything like that. So hats off to you Apple store employee for making my experience easy and on and keeping me a happy customer!

New Year, New Look & Feel

I’ve been getting into WordPress lately (well okay, for the last 6 months or so) and thought I would set up my own site as a WordPress.org site. This particular theme I’m using is by one of my favorite WordPress template authors. We are using his stuff over at iTourAZ.com and Walkroc.com. I’m hoping to populate lots of good stuff here from the world of tech as well as my fatherly adventures (that probably don’t belong over on the family site). Yet another creative outlet that I’m trying out here.

Please enjoy the show!

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